Because stumbling blindly through menopause is less fun than it sounds

It’s Time to Talk about the Dreaded “D” Word: That’s Right – Diet!


Who doesn’t hate that word?  The very sight or sound of it makes us cringe.  It’s typically considered a necessary evil.  I wonder if the negativity surrounding the “D” word makes it that much harder for us to handle the enormous emotional roller coaster aligned with weight gain and weight loss?

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We want to help our friends through these important life transitions but how much can we really help?


It all kind of hits the fan at just about the same time – 50ish.  The entrance into the years when AARP starts gunning for you while at the same time you’re laying low, expecting your body to erupt in what could well be a hideous transformation spurred by fluctuating hormones and weirdly unpleasant physical manifestations (spontaneous combustion anyone?).

Many of us have been through it and survived, even thrived.  But we all ducked when we saw it coming.  We didn’t know what to expect and we’d been frightened by reports of those who came before us.  Just the thought of “getting old” unhinged many a stalwart warrior.  Some of us were calm enough to handle it stoically, and some were just a hot mess.

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Cosmetic Surgery. Should We or Shouldn’t We?


At various stages of a woman’s life the question of cosmetic surgery rears its head.  For a long time now I’ve been on the fence as to whether or not that’s a smart choice.

As a young woman I took pride in the fact that I did not judge my elder “sisters” – the ones who decided that cosmetic surgery was necessary in order for them to feel good about themselves.  There but for the grace of god, I thought.  My day would come and who knew how I would handle it?  Would I be able to look in the mirror and feel satisfied at what I saw – or would the temptation to look better prove too great?  And for that matter would I be able to afford to have anything done even if I really felt it was necessary?

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Hot and Sweaty and Sleepless


It’s not as sexy as it sounds.  Let’s take one more trip back to sleepless nights – since I had one last night.  And yes, that’s after I told you all about my natural sleep aids and how well they work – they’re good but they’re not infallible.  Read the rest of this entry »

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