Because stumbling blindly through menopause is less fun than it sounds

Is There Such a Thing as Normal Menopause?


My journey through menopause has been anything but “normal.” I had severe, and misdiagnosed, endometriosis culminating in lengthy surgery at the age of 48. They took everything out, including my cervix and then scraped the detritus off of my poor abused organs. Ah hell, it made for fun stories over cocktails!

Is Normal Challenging?

Is Normal Challenging?

Almost a decade later, I’m still dealing with thermostat issues – both day and night, scar tissue challenges and abdominal bloating – which could be attributable to the scar tissue i.e. I didn’t have “normal” menopause, and if menopause is over (another question for the ages – is menopause EVER over?) then why am I still not “normal?”

I hear a lot of stories from a lot of different women regarding their own experiences with menopause. They range from life changing to barely noticeable – but after years of gathering data I haven’t come across normal. I guess what I’m saying is that I can’t define normal even though I know a whole lot more about this phenomenon now than when I first embarked on the journey.

Once it occurred to me that I have a lot to say about menopause – other than what’s normal – my curiosity started working overtime. I want to know what “normal” menopause looks like. Is it “normal” to have hot flashes? How bad? For how long? Is it “normal” to gain weight? Is it “normal to lose it again? (I’m beginning to suspect that menopause is similar to George Carlin’s description of drivers “everyone who drives faster than you is a MANIAC and everyone who drives slower than you is a dangerous road hazard!” – in the event that I’m right about this I might as well plant my stake in the ground, so everyone who’s menopause was worse than mine is “really messed up” and everyone who had an easier menopause is either “a lightweight or a no good lying…”). Which one are you?

I’m guessing there’s no written definition of “normal menopause” but I’d like to know what you think. Was your experience with menopause “normal?” What makes you think that? Will you share your story with me?


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Post Op Scar Tissue Can Be the Bain of One’s Existence


     Scar Tissue

I had my hysterectomy eight years ago. It’s ancient history. True, except for the fact that the extensive endometriosis which lead to the surgery in the first place has left me with a growing crop of debilitating scar tissue that promises to stick with me forever!


Better yet, the scar tissue morphs and periodically builds to a level where wearing virtually anything is painful! Sometimes it attacks and places extensive stress on specific organs; I had no idea why I was getting readings of having a bladder infection while they were telling me I had no bladder infection.

I have had times when I’ve worn an outfit and been fine. Two weeks later I put the same pair of pants on and there was no way I could endure the pain. My first thought is always “rats, I must have gained weight.” So I get the added joy of feeling fat before eventually – over time- coming to the conclusion that my discomfort is more a by-product of scar tissue than overeating. There’s nothing like an affliction that can make you suffer varied layers of pain!

There are things you can do to help when the discomfort gets serious, but there’s no cure. You can get deep tissue massage (by an extremely experienced healing masseuse), you can get white laser treatments and/or percussor treatments by a top-notch chiropractor.

I know of several women who have chosen to go back under the knife in order to remove painful scar tissue. That becomes necessary when the damage is extensive and the pain is unbearable. I was talking to a highly regarded gynecologist a few years ago and she had some simple advice for me “under no circumstance should you let anyone talk you into surgery for your scar tissue – it will only grow back.” Words I have lived by!

Sometimes it just gets to be too much. That’s when you need someone to talk you off the “surgery ledge” – because it’s so tempting to think of getting the scar tissue cut out once and for all!  Ah, but there’s the rub (literally) because the most recent surgery will merely generate its own scar tissue – and the devil you know might well be, well, you know…

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