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Icon Eyewear Readers by Borghese


I’m one of those people who have at least one pair of readers waiting for me wherever I go. Recently, Borghese sent me a free pair of their Icon Eyewear readers so that I could product test them. Here’s what I really liked about the Borghese readers: they look cool – youthful but age appropriate i.e. not “old-lady”, the lenses seem crisp and clear, the lenses are a great size and shape – they give me optimum viewing area and finally, they don’t seem to get “smudgy” like my other readers.

I think they’re reasonably priced too!

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Back Fat Tuesday


Last week we celebrated Fat Tuesday as our last big splash before Lent. It was party time! I say it’s high time we celebrated Back Fat Tuesday.

Why would we want to celebrate that, you ask? I have two very good reasons. First, most people don’t realize that back fat is really a loosening of back muscles more than a deposit of fat in the back. Even folks in fairly good shape begin to lose elasticity in those back muscles as aging progresses – back fat has been getting a bad rap for all these years and it deserves to be vindicated. It’s not a sign of slovenliness, it’s more like a badge of honor for those of us who’ve made it to this point! And second, any excuse for a party – especially at this dreary time of year.

And hell, we celebrate Lent as the end of decadence and the beginning of abstinence – why the hell not celebrate aging flesh?

Okay so maybe you’re not buying a celebration for a part of the body you’re increasingly trying to hide, but my point is really this, why shouldn’t we celebrate it instead of hiding it? Why do we have to be self-conscious of every single body part that begins to show a sign of aging? (Yes, I know there’s a niche group of you who are proud of every dent and wrinkle – but if you can’t show us how you do that – you’re no help! In fact, when you say “oh just don’t let that bother you, I don’t” you make us feel worse!). I want to feel like celebrating all of me!

Taking it a step further – I want “us” to be revered for making it to this point – not discounted and made to feel self-conscious. I get that we have to start this movement – but how do we do that? Women are supposed to be beautiful – if we’re not we either need to “get beautiful” no matter what it takes or hide. Let’s not wait until every state is like California where even gorgeous people are too ugly to be out on the streets and old people have all the “old” surgically removed!

We are a community of women who collectively accomplish a whole hell of a lot. Many cultures have revered their elders – it’s not like I just made this up. Why can’t we improve the perception of aging and make where we’re headed better than where we’ve been?

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