Because stumbling blindly through menopause is less fun than it sounds

Vaginal Dryness or The Road to Forced Celibacy!


How did we get so lucky? In our youth we never really expected to reach menopause since we’d never be old – but we knew if we did there’d be no more monthly periods! How could that be bad? No more muss or fuss!

Oh how naive we were! Without all of that “other” stuff we often lose the moisture that makes so many good things really good! There’s always a price – isn’t there?

Well some folks are looking into better ways of beating this bane of the menopausal woman’s existence. We know there are creams and gels and other kinds of solutions, but there’s one company working on something kind of high tech (I know, that sounds a little scary, but it’s kind of interesting).

I was recently contacted by Jana Morrelli, an MBA student completing an internship for a new women’s health company called ReJuVey and she has asked for our help. They are strictly at the research phase of their product creation and would appreciate having menopausal women complete the survey listed below? It’s a rare opportunity to be heard in the development of a new solution for vaginal dryness.

“ReJuVey is developing a sonic-based device (similar to a sonic toothbrush – only I’m pretty sure it doesn’t go where the toothbrush goes) and non-estrogen based proprietary gels to help relieve women of the symptoms associated with vaginal dryness and painful intercourse due to atrophy.

As we develop this product, we want to make sure we are addressing real women’s needs so we’re doing a survey! We would love to survey women age 45 plus – those approaching menopause, peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women are all welcome.The survey is completely anonymous – but if you would like to receive information or would like to help out with testing just enter your contact information at the end of the survey and we will add to our upcoming Newsletter list! Also, we’d love you to stop by and like our page on Facebook at
Survey Link:

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The Menopausal Woman’s Greatest Summer Travel Hazard


What else? Losing your luggage.

As I pack my meager little bag in anticipation of a flight back east to visit family and friends I am fraught with mixed feelings.

I want to look the best I possibly can when I see the folks I’m lucky to visit once a year. But do I want to risk losing my prized possessions? The handful of garments that look good enough (at least in my perception) to enable me to put my best foot forward? It’s a huge risk!

precious luggage

precious luggage

And trust me, there are a handful at best!

In my twenties I feared lost luggage because I knew the airlines would not compensate me enough to replace lost wardrobe items. Not that they were all that expensive – especially back then – but rumor had it that airlines barely cover the cost of the actual luggage itself.

The garments themselves were not a big deal. Such a loss would give me a chance to shop and buy all new – I’d like that. I also had enough attractive options back home that I would barely notice the loss of any specific outfit.

Not so now. As I fold my precious jeans and place them in the suitcase my hand trembles. How many painful shopping trips, trying on pair after pair that either aggravated the scar tissue from my hysterectomy, looked like crap or were so loose they would barely stay on without suspenders?  How many purchased pairs that seemed like the perfect solution and turned out to be painful in a sitting position, stretched to clown pants after a few hours?

I had a lot invested in those jeans – would I trust them to the folks who fly the friendly skies?

Then there were my dress slacks. Even after eschewing zippers many years before, the perfect pair – the one that flatters with an elegant look, i.e. never saggy, baggy or bunchy – is just not that readily available. And beyond that, what about that rare pair of slacks that meet all the criteria AND are in a business-acceptable color other than black? So few designers offer those flattering and comfortable styles in anything other than black; and although black is my “go to” color – you can only have so many pairs of the same style black pants without giving the impression that you never wash clothing! There are just not that many fabric choices.

I just can’t afford to take that rare pair of non-black slacks with me!

Even the jammies really matter if a/someone might stop in for morning coffee, b/you’ve had to get up on more nights than you can remember to change because of night sweats (those breathable fabrics can be a lifesaver) or because the waistband is cutting off your circulation even though they were perfectly comfortable the night before!

Are you starting to see a trend here? Finding clothing that works for me, post surgery, post menopause is a major challenge – letting even one piece go is a life changing event. The thought of losing an entire suitcase worth of vacation clothing is terrifying!

I’m thinking airlines will have to start offering the menopausal woman a seat and an accompanying shelf for her wardrobe. When you consider the buying power of the menopausal baby boomers – they damn well should make sure they take care of us! Don’t you think?


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