Because stumbling blindly through menopause is less fun than it sounds

Don’t hate me because I manage to avoid holiday shopping


Okay, go ahead and hate me if you want – I would!

It helps not to have kids. Let’s face it – that’s probably where the majority of you spend your holiday shopping time. And having a very small family helps as well. Don’t get me wrong I have a great family – there just aren’t many of them – and there are no young kids anymore.

With the little family that we do have living half a country away, a lot of our holiday gifts are in the form of things that can be shipped like wine and floral arrangements. My husband and I have agreed to share something for the household – and he will schedule it and get it done.

During the year, when I check out various craft fairs, etc. I purchase trinkets I like that could easily serve as holiday gifts for any of the few women that are in my family.

So all things considered I really only shop for my Mom. And she’s so tough to buy for I do that year round as I find things I think/hope would appeal to her.

The holidays are so crazed. Business is demanding, holiday parties are grueling (whether I attend them or throw them) that perhaps the best present I give myself – is to avoid holiday shopping.

And from a menopausal point-of-view, the thought of traipsing through a department store, or in and out of stores at an outdoor mall sends a shiver of terror up my spine equal to none. Have you ever – in the years since menopause has descended – been on an epic shopping expedition without major hot flash, sweaty, tear your jacket off and fan yourself with your gloves moments? I haven’t.


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Murder Mystery Book Giveaway Starts February 1


If you like reading murder mysteries and you like to laugh, Donna Leigh, the menopausal ad agency owner and amateur sleuth in Is It Still Murder, Even If She Was a Bitch? is worth meeting:

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Goodreads Book Giveaway For Is it Still Murder Even if She Was a Bitch?


This murder mystery introduces menopausal amateur sleuth Donna Leigh, whose sardonic approach to solving the murder of an obnoxious former colleague depicts Leigh as an active and engaged executive who is far from the old and feeble relic formerly associated with the onset of menopause. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hot Hot Hot Merry Christmas


Forget Ho Ho Ho, if you’re a menopausal woman your holiday chant is more like Hot Hot Hot.

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Diet or Sleep. Pick One!

Diet or Sleep?

Diet or Sleep?

Everyone knows that menopausal women can have trouble sleeping. Everyone knows that menopausal women can have trouble with weight gain. Two separate issues – right?

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Reviewing the Journey


After two years of sharing my challenges, triumphs, frustrations, discomforts and random thoughts about the menopausal time of life on Menologues it seems like a good idea to take a look at where this journey started and how far it has come.
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Thanks Alltop! For a Greatly Expanded Network


Now Menologues is being republished on Alltop in addition to Vibrant Nation. If I ever doubted that menopausal women were awesome the opportunities to meet them through these top notch commercial sites have been invaluable. I’m getting to know some wonderful, wise and funny people – who give great advice! I feel extremely fortunate!

Featured in Alltop

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