Because stumbling blindly through menopause is less fun than it sounds

When the Menopausal Woman Gets Angry


Those words strike fear into the hearts of the masses.  But why?  Do we see menopausal women wandering the countryside attacking villagers?  Are we reading about mass murders perpetrated by the 50-something female?  No.

Then why?  I know many women who’ve gone through, and many who are going through, menopause.  I’ve been through it myself.  The majority of these women have appeared to behave no differently than anyone else I’ve observed. Even when angry.  So why the bum rap?

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Work on the Journey and the Destination will follow


Reaching your 50’s and experiencing menopause marks a natural juncture in your life. You begin to question what you’ve done and whether or not you’re poised to attain your life’s goals.

And that can be sobering. How many of your dreams have been reached at this point?  As you move through your own reflections consider one very important factor: would you really want the best of your life to be behind you at this stage?

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Losing Weight: Will You Know When to Stop?


When I’m in the zone, losing weight and I’ve nearly reached my “right weight” I’m frequently asked “Will you know when to stop so you don’t lose too much”?

And in my case the answer is “yes”.

I’ve been asked that by my doctor as well as my neighbor (who thought I already looked too thin bless her heart).  I can’t actually tell you exactly where my optimum weight will end up being.  I have a general idea but as we age things start to shift and what was a perfect weight for me 5 years ago might actually be too thin for me now (don’t roll your eyes it has absolutely happened to me!).  That means each time you embark on a weight loss program of any sort you have to watch for your own personal body weight indicators.  And for me that’s when my curves start to disappear.

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Do we have to give up heels too?


I had a friend who said that the reason women love shoes so much is that body weight can fluctuate causing clothing size to change – which gets depressing – but shoes are forever!  Fashionable shoes make you feel good and weight gain does not cause your shoe size to increase causing you to face yet another perceived failure.  Clearly this friend was not yet 50!

That was true for years.  My weight – and thus my clothing size – always fluctuated but my favorite pumps would always fit – and always make me feel special.

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What do they see when they look at us?


We are woman in our fifties and we come in all shapes and sizes.  As with women of all ages we can be sleek and chic or dumpy and frumpy and a host of other visual ranges.

But what do people see when they look at us?  I think that’s an issue we wrestle with our whole lives.  At least I have.  When we’re young girls they look at us and see inexperience and immaturity.  When we’re morphing into women they see gangly and awkward.  Or do they?

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