Because stumbling blindly through menopause is less fun than it sounds

Is It Okay To Be Hotter Than He Is?


I really hate stereotypes but sometimes they make their way stealthily into our subconscious.

Apparently I am guilty of harboring some male/female stereotypes – although I am loathe to admit this.

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The Menopausal Woman and Summer


Or, Mother of God Please Turn that Heat Down!

This summer has been a hot one, hotter than usual. I think. I mean I hear the outcries of those around me so they must be suffering too!

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Hormones. Why does everybody have to get into the act?


Whether or not to use hormones is a difficult enough choice. Yet once a woman has made her decision – either way – the whole world chimes in to tell her that it’s the wrong choice.

I’ve been tempted to be one of those “know it alls”. But I remember the research and thought process that preceded my own choice. It is my expectation and hope that those around me will respect my choice and not try to scare me into changing my mind, whether or not they agree. I also understand that an impassioned warning from friends and/or family is a caring and concerned gesture, so I appreciate the sentiment. What I don’t appreciate is the “know it all” attitude that presumes a thought process superior to mine. Let’s face it – no one really knows for sure!   

In my prior explorations of this topic I’ve received a mixed bag of comments. Women feel strongly about this issue whichever viewpoint they espouse.

Now I come to a point that will be sure to rouse the ire of many. I truly mean no disrespect to those who have been burdened with horribly tragic medical nightmares, but I feel compelled to ask a few questions because I’m genuinely confused.

I have corresponded with some women who say that they have tried supplementing hormones and that those hormones have directly caused them to contract breast cancer. I do know that some forms of breast cancer are fed by estrogen so it would make perfect sense for those women to avoid estrogen at all cost. I also know that it is likely that most women are not aware of this predisposition prior to experiencing the disease, which is why taking hormones is considered a risk.

My questions are these: is there a small group of women with a predisposition for breast cancer that is exacerbated by estrogen? Is the negative groundswell against estrogen predominately for this reason, the uncertainty as to whether or not you might be one of the women with this predisposition?

I do know that some physicians are concerned about the lack of solid data either for or against the supplementation of hormones, but some are willing to acknowledge that lack of data is not a reason to indict supplementing hormones, merely of proceeding with caution.

I am genuinely interested in knowing if there is any solid proof that bio-identical hormone supplementation is dangerous for the majority of women, or if there is just not enough evidence compounded by the fact that there is a whole lot of negative supposition. Would women who have contracted breast cancer after trying hormone supplementation have contracted the disease anyway?   

I would honestly like to know.

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