Because stumbling blindly through menopause is less fun than it sounds

It’s January – so you have to make your own good times!


I’m tired. Full time job and we just moved our office. And I seem to be the official complaint department of every move related issue/problem. I’m cold, years of being in an office that had me wondering where my hot flashes left off and the overworked furnace began and now I’m in a really cool old building that is really really cool – cold even. And then there’s the sub-zero temperature outside which is periodically accompanied by some soggy, messy snow. I’m weary. My new doc has me off my thyroid meds to see what’s really going on – so I’m sleeping when I’m not working. Let’s face it I’m no spring chicken anymore – these things all take their toll. But then I think about the one overriding fact. It’s January. Read the rest of this entry »

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