Because stumbling blindly through menopause is less fun than it sounds

The menopausal woman and stress


I just came from a seminar on stress management. He gave some very good advice; unfortunately, none of it is practical for us so we’re going to have to go another way.

Stress Anyone?

Stress Anyone?

First he said breathing is extremely important. That’s fine, we all have to breathe. Unfortunately, he went on to say that the only relaxing breathing is the kind where your stomach goes in and out – big time. He said “forget about your bellies and just breathe!” What do you think? Yeah, I’m not doing any breathing that makes my belly look any bigger than it already does! So thanks but no thanks.
Next on the list was: Get a good night’s sleep. Need I say more? How the hell much luck have you been having with that lately? And how easy is that to change?
His third point was finding time to relax while you’re awake; with my energy level being what it is and my ability to take a minute to sit still probably similar to yours. The best luck I HAVE with sleeping is when I’m trying to relax while awake.
So let’s recap the sleep issue: I can’t when I need to at night, I can’t NOT when I sit down to relax.
The final issue that he brought up is to wear relaxing and non-constricting clothing. Oh crap. I have three kinds of clothing: 1. Chico/JJill soft dress clothing – I wear it a lot – but you can’t wear it exclusively, 2. Comfortable, hang around the house clothing – which I do wear – but only around the house, and 3. Regular clothing – which may be comfortable on Monday and so tight it strangulates me on Tuesday – so sue me, I bloat!
So, in summary, we’re screwed!
Does anyone out there have some suggestions that will work for us?

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