Because stumbling blindly through menopause is less fun than it sounds

After menopause come thoughts of retirement and decisions about where to live


Where do you want to retire? I’d like to be near the beach – so Florida? Seems like a natural but I’ve heard some negatives about their available healthcare. You have to think like that when you’re planning for retirement.



Maybe I should pick up stakes and move back to the Northeast where I originated. The healthcare there is good – but is the quality of life? Just life related to healthcare is a challenge when I hear about the hour and hours spent in waiting rooms. I don’t want to spend my golden years being stressed out and fighting the crowds!

Should I stay in the Heartland where I’ve been for the past 14 years? The quality of life has been exceptional, the healthcare has been better than expected and sometimes there’s no wait at all to get in to see the doctor of your choice? But will I be giving up those “resort-like” amenities? Life is good here – it’s not a giant pain in the butt that some of the more crowded metro markets have become. I’m kind of spoiled. But will it be enough?

It’s a lot to think about.

My husband would opt to be in the mountains out west where he can ski the days away – but do I want to be in a place where lots of snow is the order of the day for far more days than it is in the Midwest, no matter how breathtaking the scenery? I’m not sure. Not having to brave icy streets to get into an office would certainly make it less stressful, but I’m not sure I want to dress like Nanook of the North and clomp around in Uggs every day! Although admittedly I would be tres chic!

We talked about getting a place out west AND a place in Florida – but transporting three dogs back and forth would be challenging. My husband suggested sticking with the place out west (big surprise!) and maybe finding a “beachy” place further south within a day’s drive. He even went as far as to suggest we might be able to rent the “beachy” place rather than buy. Yeah, right, who’s going to rent their beach place to a couple with three active bulldogs?

What I need is a place that gives me great skiing access, some beach time, excellent healthcare that’s also convenient, affordability and a high quotient of stress-free living. Does such a place exist?

I’m almost starting to envy those folks who have lived their lives in one place. They don’t have to think about where to retire – there IS nowhere else. For me, there are so many choices – now I just need to make the right one for us!







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